To all leaders responsible for DCJS certifications for your security teams and other DCJS training needs!

Download 1st Quarter Schedule PDF here

SafeSide Range & Training was approved by the state to begin offering DCJS training in early October.  Attached to this email is an initial schedule for upcoming DCJS sessions.  As you may know, we have DCJS certified state of the art ranges for all levels of firearms certification—both new and requals.  Additionally we have first class training rooms to offer the sessions with seasoned DCJS instructors.  Our classroom/range pricing is competitive and we will have negotiated discounts based upon annual volume. 


Because we have dedicated space for DCJS, we are prepared to accommodate your requests for courses not listed in our initial set of offerings.  Please contact Heather for additional information or assistance in planning your 2018 DCJS requirements.

1st Quarter 2018 DCJS Training Classes Course Dates
O1E - Unarmed Security Officer ($125)

Jan 3-4 (9am-6pm)

Feb 1-2 (9am-6pm)

Mar 26-27 (9am-6pm)

O1I - Unarmed Security Officer In-Service ($85)

Jan 25 (5pm-9pm)

Feb 8 (1pm-5pm)

05E - Armed Arrest Authority ($100)

Jan 5 (9am-5pm)

Feb 3 (9am-5pm)

Feb 22 (9am-5pm)

O7E - Basic Handgun Entry ($200)

Jan 24-25 (9am-5pm)

Mar 12-13 (9am-5pm)

O7R - Basic Handgun Requal ($95)

Feb 8 (9am-1pm)

Mar 13 (5pm-9pm)

O8R - Shotgun Requal ($50) Jan 11 (9am-12pm)
O9I - Advanced Handgun Requal ($50)

Jan 11 (1pm-5pm)

Feb 22 (5pm-9pm)

We are preparing to offer other DCJS courses based on need.  Please contact Heather at

540-682-8881 ext. 1015 to discuss your training requirements so that we can schedule it for you.  Volume discounts are available. DCJS #: 88-10089