This course builds on the student’s training fundamentals of sight alignment and sight picture, trigger control and grip. 

We will discuss proper shooting stances as well as shooting from cover and the differences between cover and concealment. Then we will transition to the proper holster draw technique (strong-side hip mounted holster only) along with re-holstering procedures.  Finally, we will discuss handgun reloading techniques and the proper use of malfunction drills.  ALL holster draws will be conducted without cover (jackets, shirts, etc.); however, a demonstration of drawing from cover will be presented.

The live fire portion of the course involves shooting from cover at various targets, drawing, firing, and re-holstering, transitioning from one shooting position to another all while conducting malfunction and reloading procedures.  The instructors will load the participants magazines with limited rounds and non-firing rounds to require reloading and malfunction drills to complete the course of fire.

It is highly recommended that participants complete Module I and II prior Module III.

This is a nontimed course with emphasis on technique and accuracy over speed.

What Equipment Do I Need?

  • A handgun suitable for daily carry and defensive use.  No race guns, speed holsters or handguns with ultra-light triggers are allowed
  • At least two magazines capable of holding 16 rounds
  • Strong side belt mounted hip holster.  The holster must cover the trigger/trigger guard and have an active retention device
  • At least 50 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection

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Price: $100
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