Presented by: Safeside Range & Training with Executive Security Concepts

Chris Ragone, Owner of Executive Security Concepts (Va DCJS 11-4376), and Safeside Range and Training (Va. DCJS 88-89100), have teamed up to provide an intensive 10 day training curriculum consisting of three courses designed for the experienced EP agent, as well as individuals interested in a career in close protection and high end security services. These courses will satisfy the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Personal Protection Specialist requirements (32E), as well as the Basic (07E) and Advanced Handgun (09E) requirements. Upon completion of these courses, attendees can register as Va. DCJS PPS with handgun endorsement, enabling them to work anywhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia providing close protection and high end security services. These courses will also allow individuals already working in security to hone their skills, utilizing the state of the art range and training Safeside offers, as well as drawing from the vast experiences Chris has developed in his 20 year career in executive protection.

New for 2024: This course also satisfies the North Carolina Private Protective Services, Close Protection Credential requirements

What does a Personal Protection Specialist do?

Check out this video overview of some of the tasks and responsibilities of a PPS/Executive Security agent.

The class will run from 9am-6pm Monday-Saturday for week 1, and Monday-Thursday (firearms portion) week 2. (10 days total, Sun off in between weeks). 


Can't do the full 10 days right now? You can sign up for the  Executive Protection only (no firearms portion) course for $1200 by clicking here: 6 DAY COURSE

If you're looking for the Executive Protection 4-day Handgun course, you can register for that separatly here: 4 DAY COURSE

Chris began his career in executive protection in 2005 and for the past 20 years has worked in over two dozen US cities as well as numerous foreign countries, personally guarding national news personalities, professional athletes, Hollywood actors, CEOs of fortune 500 companies, the Prime Minister of Kurdistan and dozens of members of the Royal family of Saudi Arabia. His company, Executive Security Concepts, has grown to a multi-million dollar security provider employing numerous employees and subcontractors and continues to grow creating many opportunities for experienced and entry level executive protection agents. Chris also brings a vast knowledge of empty hand defensive tactics developed for executive protection agents. Chris has attained the rank of 8th degree asst professor in Kempo Karate, teaching hundreds of students since 1982 as well as developing many defensive tactics programs for civilians, law enforcement professionals and military units. Chris and his wife and ESC co-owner Tracie are both veterans of the United States Navy.

Safeside Tactical Range &Training is the premier indoor firearms training facility in SW Virginia. Since it’s inception Safeside has attracted a talented team of employees and firearms trainers. 

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In-store Price: $2500 Web-only Price: $2,000
The class is being offered at the following Date/Time:
6+ Available Seats

Date: Monday 03/04/2024 Start Time: 9:00 AM / End Time: 6:00 PM Max Capacity: 15 Instructor: CHRIS RAGONE Resource: DCJS CLASSROOM

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