SafeSide Services Pricing

Armory & Gunsmithing

There is a minimum $20 bench fee for all firearms that come in for repair. This is applied to our ATF compliance and the gunsmiths and armorers who are assessing your firearm for repair.  This fee will be deducted from your total bill if the work is performed.


$45 Hourly Shop Rate
$35 Assemble an upper from parts
$50 Dis- and re-assemble upper with new barrel or handguard
$15 Assemble AR-15 lower
$20-45 Mount and boresight Scope
$35 Zero scope and provide test target (ammo not included)
$125 Threading barrels
$10 AR trigger Install (drop-in)
$75 Trust engraving on stripped lower
$10 Glock trigger install if it works as intended. Shop rate for other models or if the parts do not mate up as they should
$75-150 Hot bluing based on item and condition (prep not included)
$35 Firearm cleaning (minimum fee listed - shop rate after first hour)


*Armory jobs not listed are usually billed at the shop rate


Average Lead Times

Dickie Steen 4-6 months

Armory 2-4 weeks

Cerakote 4-6 weeks







Sight Installation

(purchased from SafeSide – 50% installation discount)

$20 Glock  
$35 Sig Sauer & Smith & Wesson
$45-60 1911
$45/ hour Other firearms (Hourly Shop Rate)

*Additional fees may be charged for sights that are peened or Loc-tited when we receive them

Storage & Assessment

Firearm Storage Rates

$15 per month per serial number

$20 per month for suppressors

$35-$50 per month for machine guns (based on value)


Firearm Appraisals for Insurance

$15-30 per firearm


Firearms to be shipped out

$30 Transfer fee +

$25 per handgun

$35 per rifle or shotgun

Optional $2 per $100 of value for insurance


Private Collection Assessment

Determined by distance and quantity



Documentation & Transfers


Form 4 Prep

$100 NFA transfer (Machine guns $15k and up may have additional fees)

$15 Fingerprints and Photos per trustee


Firearm Transfers (NON-NFA)

$30 transfer fee

$2 background check fee

$10 for each additional firearm done on the same paperwork (limit 3)



Hydro Dipping


Frame reductions

Slide milling or lighting

RMR Cuts

Form 1s

*Prices shown are estimates based on parts working as intended.  Additional charges may apply for fit and finish.*