Join us for the multi-state Concealed Carry class and you can maximize your legal carry states AND have a backup in place for your Virginia CHP in the event our state drops reciprocity with others.

The Multi-state class includes content and certification of completion for both Virginia Resident and Utah Non-Resident applications.  You must have a Virginia Resident CHP in order to apply for your Utah non-resident permit, however, you have up to 1 year from training to get the Utah application in.  So the roadmap to your permit success looks like this:

  1. Attend this class (in person only).
  2. Apply for your VA Resident CHP
  3. Wait 45-60 days to receive VA permit
  4. Apply for your Utah Non-Resident Concealed permit
  5. Wait 45-60 days to receive UT permit

The Utah application will also require you to submit an FBI Fingerprint Card and Passport photo.  We offer this package for an additional $30.  You can come in anytime to complete this (does not have to be done on class date).

Currently, these two permits together offer legal concealed carry in over 35 states (subject to change).  Reciprocity maps may be found at: USA Carry (we are not responsible for the accuracy of this information, but these guys do a pretty good job keeping it updated).

If you're going to Carry Concealed, you will also need live-fire training (this class is classroom only).  Check out our Handgun Module I or Private 1-on-1 classes that you can complete while you are waiting to get your Concealed permit(s).

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Price: $100
The class is being offered at the following Date/Time:
6+ Available Seats

Date: Saturday 03/02/2024 Start Time: 9:30 AM / End Time: 1:30 PM Max Capacity: 30 Instructor: MICHAEL PRICE Resource: FOUNDERS HALL

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