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3 Day Handgun Entry Level (75E) - Roanoke Facility

  1. The entry-level handgun classroom training will include but not be limited to the following: Practical handgun safety and handling, identification of handgun parts, draw, re-holstering, grip, trigger control, breathing, sight alignment,  ready position, loading, unloading, negligent discharge prevention, malfunctions, night firing, proper care and maintenance, range safety, use of force, and liability.
  2. All officers will have to qualify on a state approved firing range with a minimum score of 70 points. Equipment needed: belt with directional draw holster, handgun, two speed loaders or three magazines, range ammunition (18 rounds). Equipment provided by instructor: A range that can simulate low light or a pair of welders goggles for each student that simulates low light. Strong/weak hand refers to the primary hand used in firing the firearm. The opposite hand may be used for support. .
  3. Please note, while the website will show this for a single day, there are 2 additional days (same times) that are required to be completed in the same course booking (24 hours total).

Course Price: $350

Web-only Special: $310.00

Instructor: CURTIS LYNCH

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