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July Range Changes/Rules

Posted by Mitchell | 07.03.2020

We have made it to July! Thanks again to everybody that has supported our stores over the last few months and gotten back on the range with us since we were allowed to open.  As we move into Virginia Reopening Phase 3, we are able to offer more services while maintaining compliance. So, starting today, we're excited to make improvements to our operational protocols.

  1. Reservations are still required for the range.  However, Members will be able to book their reservations with NO FEE via the website. Keep in mind, if your email address is on file with us but you haven’t used the website, you’ll need to do a “password reset” to gain access to it
  2. All bays are now open.  Please check our Hours of Operation page for details of what is open when.
  3. Our standard rental counter is open, with customers being asked to wear gloves while using the rentals. Rent a single gun for $16 or multiple for $22
  4. Reservations are now for a full hour on the range. The rate for an hour slot is $22 ($10 is paid via reservation, the balance of $12 plus anything you add is billed at check-in)
  5. Reservations are non-refundable.  If you want to let us know you can't make it, we appreciate it - but we can't issue a refund or move your reservation once you've booked.
  6. Mod I, Mod II, and Private range training classes have resumed and more have been added to the schedule. These are being taught in accordance with Social Distancing requirements.
  7. Our Concealed Carry classes are meeting in-person every Tuesday night and some Saturdays.  You must pre-register to attend. We will continue to offer our online Concealed Carry class through the end of the year for those who wish to complete the course in an “on demand” format.
  8. Now the one you want to hear: LANE SHARING IS ALLOWED! Members of the same family/household (as defined by EO67) may share a lane. You would simply reserve the lane online for the "primary" and then up to 2 additional people can share the lane during your hour session.  Each lane share party pays $11 at check-in.
  9. Please try to arrive early for your reservation, we cannot guarantee a full hour if you show up right at "tee-time" as many folks are checking in or out at the same time.  Arriving 15 minutes early should ensure you get the maximum amount of range time during your session.
  10. We are requesting that anyone without a medical condition that would prevent them from doing so, wears a mask when you are at SafeSide to minimize any possible spread of droplets. We're not doctors, and understand that people have strong opinions on this on both ends of the spectrum, but want to make sure that our facilities remain as clean as possible.  It doesn't help to for us to wipe down door handles every hour if you sneeze on it 5 minutes later! You won't get hassled by us about it, its just a request.
  11. Ammo policy: Currently, ammunition purchases are only available for folks buying/renting firearms or attending a live-fire class.  We understand this makes it difficult to utilize the range to the fullest, but its just the state of the industry as we know it right now.  Members may purchase 1 box of ammo per visit even if they don't meet the criteria above. Bring your own ammo if you are bringing your own guns! There are some calibers on the retail floor that are available for purchase in limited quantities.

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