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COVID-19 Operational Changes @ SafeSide

Posted by Mitchell | 03.14.2020

Covid-19 related changes effective through March 31

SafeSide is committed first and foremost to the Safety of our staff and customers. While Southwestern Virginia has no reported cases of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) as of the time of this writing, we are taking steps now to prevent the potential spread of disease amongst those that work at SafeSide and those who visit us.  We will continue to monitor local, state, and federal recommendations as things change day by day. 

The range ventilation system uses high laminar-flow forced air and HEPA filtration to make sure that lead particles in the air are quickly moved out of the respiratory zone of the shooters and that only clean air re-enters the range space.  In our 25 yard bays, there is a complete air exchange every 60-75 seconds.  The science behind this also works for other airborne particles. When you’re on the range, there is so much air movement – you are in a great place regardless of that dude coughing in the next lane over!

Below is an outline of our approach to proactively decrease the likelihood of transmission while in our facilities

I.                Staff

a.      We will provide 5 days of paid sick leave for any full time employee with a confirmed positive case of Covid-19

b.     We will provide 1 day of paid sick leave for any full time employee with symptoms consistent with Covid-19 so they can see a physician.

c.      We are creating opportunity for back office, manufacturing, and shop workers to switch to evening/night hours in order to keep staffing levels at a minimum without drastically impacting their hours.

d.     We will provide 10 hours paid sick leave for part time employee with a confirmed case of covid-19

e.      We will provided gloves for front-line staff to use (at their discretion) when handling customer IDs, payment tenders, firearms, etc.

II.             Customers

a.      SafeSide will institute a “drive through gun shop” so customers can shop from their cars to limit their exposure. Watch for more details on this coming early next week.

b.     We are offering those signed up for our concealed classes an option to take the course online, postpone to another session, or both. (You can do online class now so you have your certificate, then come audit a class later. This way you can get your permit application submitted without delay)

c.      We are removing iPad stations and will have people use their own devices for Range Waivers

d.     All range eyewear and hearing protection will be 1-time use. You may bring your own or purchase ours.  This suspends “free eye/ear rental” for members at this time.

e.      Current Range Members will have an extra month added to the end of their membership since current events may not allow you to utilize the facility as often as normal.

f.      Updated 3/19: there is a purchase limit of 1 box of ammo per person per day.  A 2nd box can be purchased with the purchase or rental of a firearm.  The supply chain is jammed up and it may be months before ammo supply catches back up.  We want as many people as possible to be able to protect themselves and use the range.

g.     We have postponed the  “Shamrock Shoot” event originally scheduled for 3/16/20.  With almost 150 people registered, the crowd size became an issue.

III.           Facility

a.      We are instituting daily wipe downs throughout the day of commonly touched surfaces (door handles, toilet handles, keyboards/mice, vending machine controls, range screens/switches, credit card machines)

b.     We are eliminate use of public water fountains

c.      We are closing down secondary restrooms that receive limited use so sanitization and cleaning supplies can be focused on main facilities.

d.     We are controlling use of disinfectants and cleaning materials to extend supply while maintaining increased cleaning.

e.      There is a potential to close rifle range if staffing levels drop below operational threshold

f.      We are suspending customer coffee service

g.     We will wipe down guns in rental case after handling

h.     We are removing duplicate firearms/optics from cases to limit handling of merchandise

As we approach the end of March (and throughout the next few weeks), we will assess whether any of these policies need to be relaxed, adjusted, or strengthened. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unique time in our society and are making every effort possible to keep the "safe" in SafeSide as our top priority.

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