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9mm Target Ammo - 115gr Fmj Rn 1000 Rnds Reman

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Item: 9-115-FMJ-1000-OA
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Operator Ammunition has been making quality and reliable remanufactured ammunition since 2018 and offers 380, 9mm, and 45 caliber centerfire handgun ammo.  Included is 1000 rounds of 9mm Ammuntion loaded to precise specifications and strenuously tested for accuracy and consistency.  Loaded and shipped from Virginia, you will received 4 loose packed boxes of 250 rounds.  These rounds are loaded with commercial propellant and true full metal jacket projectiles.  All of our remanufactured ammo is loaded with previously used brass that has been rollsized, cleaned, fully processed, inspected and reloaded on commercial machines.

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