Utg 4/15 Flip- Up Rear Right

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Low Profile Flip-up Rear Sight

Backup When You Need It

The UTG low profile flip-up sight coexists along the same plane as a long gun’s primary optic. Although more than capable of performing on its own along with its matching low profile front sight, many will equip the two just in the event their primary optic sees a failure. Take it as a form of insurance and that it would be better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Keep the two flipped down and stowed away under your primary optic. If Murphy’s Law finds its way to you, take comfort knowing the two can be readied and depended on within seconds

Unobtrusively Low Profile and Quick to Deploy

Equipping the sights simply requires them to be pushed upward by the hand. The Posi-lock plunger will then activate, locking the sight tower in the upward position when deployed and preventing any accidental folding of the sights while in use. This is especially important when using the sights in tandem with other gear such as a sling or in atmosphere where equipment can easily be snagged on something. Thanks to their low profile shape and minimized 3mm locking bolt mounting deck, when stowed away, the two sights sit extremely low and are unobtrusive to optics and or accessories.

Low Profile Flip-up Rear Sight
MNT-755 and 955 Low Profile Flip-up Sights

A Pair To Be Had

One can expect the following when purchasing the front and rear as a pair. MNT-955, The rear sight, is equipped with both a large and small aiming aperture and is windage adjustable via an easy-to-use, tool-free, and tactile thumb wheel. MNT-755, The front sight, is equipped with a standard AR15 front sight post that can be adjusted via a 4 prong sight adjustment tool or the tip of a cartridge and can easily be switched out with one of the many aftermarket standard front sight posts currently out in the market. Both mount securely to a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail. This makes them a great choice not just for MSRs, but other platforms that have a straight sight line configuration and are equipped with a 12 O'clock Picatinny Rail.

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