WIN A $100 SafeSide gift Card!!!

Join us on the 3rd Sunday of the month and show your pistol accuracy skills! We're rolling out a new match experience that accommodates a wide variety of pistol brands and types.

Cost is $20 per match per handgun ($15 for SafeSide Range Members).

- Rimfire
- Pocket
- Production (unmodified)
- Open (modified)

You will need 5 magazines holding at least 10 rounds each for all classes except for Pocket (5 mags x 5 rounds)

In order to be eligible for random drawing for the $100 Gift Card, or for your scores to count in the rankings, you must shoot in 2 of the 3 matches (running October-December). You will need to use the same firearm from month to month for scores to count.

We'll be adding additional info on the website this week based on any further rules/instructions and comments/questions we get!

Taken this class? Got questions? Let us know!
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In-store Price: $20 Web-only Price: $15
The class is being offered at the following Date/Time: