Special Conservator of the Peace (06E) 24 Hours - Lynchburg Location 

If a person wishes to become and armed Special Conservator of The Peace, class 07E (Handgun) will also have to be taken. If applicable, 08E (Shotgun) will also be needed.

The person will learn about and understand legal procedures/due process, civil and criminal law as it pertains to Virginia’s special conservators of the peace. These include knowledge of state and federal courts, legal terminology and definitions, purpose and function of law, U.S. Constitution and the Bill of rights, limitations and liability, magistrates and courts, felony vs. misdemeanor. Also included will be probable cause, arrests, grand jury, trials, indictments and true bills.

Persons will learn the duties and responsibilities of the Conservator of the Peace. Those include but are not limited to training requirements, violations and sanctions, code of ethics, ethical standards and professional conduct, legal authority and related issues, purpose and function of law, probable cause, investigative detention, juvenile laws, rules of evidence, use of force, courtroom testimony and laws of arrest.

The person will be taught all the steps needed to be sworn in as a Special Conservator of The Peace, to include Department of Criminal Justice certification and registration, alcohol and drug blood testing and appointment by a circuit court judge.

The Virginia law that pertains to such items is found in the Code of Virginia § 19.2-13, § 9.1-150.1 - § 9.1-150.4, and § 15.2-1737.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a 3 day course! While our calendar only lists the first day, you are required to attend all 3 consecutive days to be eligible for completion.

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Date: Monday 07/13/2020 Start Time: 9:00 AM / End Time: 5:30 PM Max Capacity: 10 Instructor: CURTIS LYNCH Resource: DCJS CLASSROOM

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