General Information: To Participate in GSSF Matches, you must be a member of the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation. We recommend you take care of this online ahead of time, but we will also have registration forms available on the day of the event (you may bring a check made out to GSSF or write down CC information on form). To be eligible to win the 3-month series, you must compete in at least 2 of the monthly matches. Our current series will run April, May & June. Each course of fire will be $20 ($15 if you are a SafeSide Range & Training member). You may participate in more than one class (Stock, Unlimited, Pocket Glock, etc). The match will be running from 9am-1pm. If you are in by 1pm, we will extend shooting time as needed. We will be using our state-of-the-art touchscreen-controlled target systems to provide accurate, fair, and consistent distances. Keep in mind, if this is your first time shooting at SafeSide Tactical, you will be required to watch our safety video and fill out our waiver in addition to the GSSF registration form/waiver. Rental Glocks: The Match fees INCLUDE no-cost use of our Rental Glocks. With over 25 to choose from, this will allow you to participate in a class that you didn`t bring the right pistol for. You may only use ammunition purchased from our Range with rental guns. Classification System for Indoor League Matches At the request of the majority of GSSF members, Glock has divided firearms into two classes - Stock and Unlimited. In the future, the Lewis Prize Allocation System will be used with all stock shooters. An additional First Place Plaque will be provided for the top score in the Unlimited and High Lady division. Below are guidelines for classification: Stock Class Weapons GLOCK Firearms are considered to be “Stock” if all firearm components are or ever have been available from GLOCK, Inc. Additional allowable modifications are specified below: “Hogue-Grip” type sleeves, “A-Grip” panels, “skateboard tape” or o

Course Price: $20

This class is offered at following Date/Time:

Date : Sunday 10/20/2019
Start Time: 9:00 AM End Time: 1:00 PM
Max Capacity: 50
Currently available: 6+

Date : Monday 10/21/2019
Start Time: 5:00 PM End Time: 7:00 PM
Max Capacity: 35
Currently available: 6+