SafeSide is a Christian-based company dedicated to delivering training experiences that help prepare individuals and groups to protect themselves and their organizations from the evils of the world. Our goal is to help you and your church have an “insurance” policy that you pray you will never use! Every Sunday and throughout the week, many churches are faced with some level of “out of the ordinary” events. The vast majority of these events are handled by the church staff of volunteers including ushers, greeters and safety and security teams. In today’s world, increasing numbers of churches are developing a more formal approach to protecting life and limb. Although the likelihood of any church having an “active shooter” incident is rare, there have been many events in the past twenty years.

This is a ninety minute church safety informational session. SafeSide is in a great position to help with your safety and security plan and provide the appropriate and necessary training for any of your volunteer staff who you, as the church leaders, deem appropriate to come to church armed for the purpose of protection for your congregation. Even if you don’t have armed security staff, we can help with the overall development and implementation of an effective safety and security plan for your church and ensure appropriate training to prepare for the “unusual” events that we experience in our churches.

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