Our rights in Virginia are being threatened in ways we never expected - and January 20th is the day when legal, responsible Gun Owners from all over the Commonwealth will decend peacefully in our State's Capitol City and stand up for our 2nd ammendment rights!

We need a strong showing and SafeSide has chartered busses from our Roanoke and Lynchburg locations.  There are people that want to go but don't have transportation or can't afford their own ticket.

If you can't go, but are willing to help get bodies to Richmond... book this $35 ticket as a "seat sponsor" and we'll match it up with someone who wants to go.

More information about the event can be found at the VCDL event page.

If you can ride with us, add a seat on the main Roanoke bus ride page or Lynchburg bus ride page.

Taken this class? Got questions? Let us know!

Price: $35
The class is being offered at the following Date/Time: