Make a Statement/Take a Stand - Join us in Richmond, VA on Jan 20, 2020 as legal and responsible gun owners say "NO" to the unconstitutional gun grab that is being shoved through the legislature during the 2020 session.  MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD during the Gun Owners' Lobby Day. Organized by VCDL, the event runs from 8am to approximately 1:30pm. 

Schedule - please note updated times!

  • 3:15am Parking Lots open @ SafeSide
  • 4:15am bus will leave from SafeSide Roanoke
  • 4:45am Stop @ Big Boyz Guns (Blue Ridge) for pickup
  • 8am Arrive in Richmond
  • 2pm Leave Richmond arriving back in Blue Ridge/Roanoke around 6pm.

All riders will get a free "Shall Not Be Infringed" T-shirt and coupon pack from local vendors valued at over $150 (details will be added).

Please consider dressing professionally so we can show the gun haters that WE THE PEOPLE are made up of all walks of life.  Keep in mind the bus may be parked off-site during the event and we are not providing "secured storage" of firearms on the bus.  You need to make yourself aware of where you can and cannot go while carrying open or concealed. More information on this can be found at the VCDL event page.

If you cannot attend, but are willing to sponsor a seat for someone else to go, please visit this link.

Looking for the bus leaving from SafeSide Lynchburg? Click here to get on board!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • This is the VCDL Lobby Day on Jan 20. 
  • Buses will be parked about 6 blocks from the capitol. There is no guarantee that you’ll be able to get back to the bus between drop-off and pickup times.
  • Need to arrive at SafeSide no later than 4AM or Big Boys no later than 4:45AM
  • Bus will leave Roanoke promptly at 4:15am
  • 1 Bus will stop at Big Boyz Guns at approx. 4:50am
  • Must be back on the bus by 1:35pm after the rally.
  • There is a bathroom on each bus
  • You can store stuff under the bus to have after wards (coolers, etc)
  • We will have basic snacks/drinks
  • We are asking people to dress in “non-statement” clothes.  Please no open carrying of firearms. Please no inflammatory or political shirts/hats.  They will know why we are there, don’t give the media something to work with.
  • We expect our passengers to maintain a positive and professional attitude while on the bus and while in Richmond.
  • You will be assigned a bus when you arrive and that will be the bus you return on
  • Buses will have captains, you will have their cell phone number in the event you need to contact them during the day
  • Expect a good bit of walking during the lobbying time (8am-11am) and standing during the rally time (11am-1pm)
  • SafeSide is not coordinating any of the events once we arrive, we are just helping to get people there and back safely.  Look at the VCDL (Virginia Citizens Defense League) website or facebook for more info
  • Firearms are NOT allowed in the Capitol or Legislative office buildings (regardless of if you have a CHP or not).  They ARE allowed outside.  Remember, the bus cannot be used as secure storage during the day – if you carry, you will not be permitted to lobby in the offices.
  • All firearms must be transported on the bus in a locked case in the luggage compartment (under bus).  Bus captains can check your firearm in and back out to you (claim check/tab provided)

Course Price: $35


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