Join Factory Reps from Dead Air on our range to check out their full line of suppressors (not to mention some sweet host guns!) Plus, do a demo and buy a Dead Air can in Lynchburg this coming weekend (in-store or from our site) and you'll get:


  • FREE Trustee packages (up to 5) per can
  • FREE 5-visit range punch card per can (includes conjugal visits)


PLUS the 1st person to buy a DEAD AIR as their first NFA purchase will get a FREE NFA Trust provided by John Pierce, ESQ



$5 includes 5 rounds, choice of 1 suppressor, host gun, range time, eyes/ears, and target

Want more?

$20 covers all the cans and up to 50 rounds

Options in 22lr, 9mm, 45auto, 223, 300blk, 7.62x39



Check out options available for ordering now! No NFA transfer fees when purchased from our site and when you choose "In Store Pickup"