Fun @ SafeSide

Ladies' Days

Women can join us every Tuesday at both Roanoke and Lynchburg locations and shoot for an hour for just $10 We also offer unlimited standard rentals for $10 more. Try one of over 100 guns to see which is right for you or get behind a new model! Runs all day from 9am-8pm (last check-in is 7:30pm).This is a great chance to be around other women with similar interests... grab a friend on come on in! Click for more information. Offer only valid with when reserved online.



We have matches throughout the month that accommodate many skill levels. From "static" shooting (Standing still in the booth and shooting at targets at various distances) to dynamic "moving and shooting" scenarios, we love to help shooters of all level get involved in competition and matches.  Click for more information.

Range Events

From shooting Easter eggs to bowling pins to Christmas Ornaments, we offer fun, family-friendly events throughout the year - many of them FREE! Most range events can be attended by minors ages 10 and up (some offer options for 6 and up). Click for the next fun event!